Saturday, February 20, 2016


I look forward to the day where Cosplay is just Cosplay. I'm tired of seeing people claims that someone's hard work is labeled as "The Fat Version Of...." Or "The Black...." This needs to stop IMEDIATLY!

I hate the word Elitists when it comes to describing Cosplay snobs, it's too good of a word for people who go out of their way to tear down a person's skill when they themselves once started as a noob. Instead of looking down at other cosplayers and thinking they aren't good enough to be in your presence, provide them with Costructive Critisism or keep walkin or scrolling. Not everyone with a keyboard needs to use it to voice their opinions on how a person doesn't measure up to their standards, nor should anyone with a state of the art sewing machine, tell people that their costumes aren't up to a certain standard for being a cosplayer. NEWS FLASH! There is NO ACTUAL COSPLAY STANDARD! Please stop acting as if there is. Let everyone have their fun, because we aren't dressing for you. We dress in costumes because we love bringing a character to life, and it make others happy when they see their favorite characters brought to life by someone who enjoys the same fandom.

It's hard to have heroes in the cosplay world when even those we look up to aren't willing to give their fans the time of day. But let's not lose hope, there are lots of people willing to answere questions and help those who may feel overwhelmed with their costumes. There are many FaceBook groups that have been created around the COSPOSITIVE movement, one of which that has been created by myself and a close friend a year ago. You can find the page at this link, feel free to share your progress and pictures of your favorite cosplay here:

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Comic Con is a place of many untapped talents, artists of all types come to showcase their work and possibly make money for the things they create. Cosplay and Costumers are a huge market now (wether we like it or not) and what forms we see any character in is only limited to the amount of work that the person wearing such costumes are willing to put into it. 

Sexualization of any character is a huge part of Halloween marketing and a huge joke in the eyes of the fans of the franchise that these companies, like Leg Avenue, Rubies, and Spirit Halloween, are taking the licence from. Payed cosplayers are now bringing in as much fans as a celebrity from a long running TV show to a convention, because of their exciting portrayal of our favourite characters. With that also comes the sexualization of the characters that we otherwise wouldn't see in the series, which can bring a positive and a negative response from public forums. 

There really is no law against being original in the creation of a costume, however some conventions are trying to ensure that there is a limit on how much skin one can show before it borders on indecent (that limit is pushed every year with new incarnations of characters). Wether you are a fan of the person's original take on the character or not, it is up to the person or persons who make the costumes to determine how often the costume is worn and to which event they wear the costume at (depending on the subject matter of the event). As an onlooker we can chose to like it or hate it, and voice our opinions on it if we so wish. Some may take that opinion to social media to maliciously attack a person's creativity by sharing (without proper permission) a picture of the cosplayer in their version of a costume they have created, and the comments the follow suit are just as horrendous. The same reaction may fall upon a fan of a series that just wants to share their work with other fans, comments such as "You're Fat" or "You do not look like the character, please stop dressing as my favourite character" often come up. The moment you try to defend yourself to the haters is when you get told you're butthurt and that you should just let them post their hateful words without getting defensive. Seriously?!? I've come into contact some funny trolls who think telling me I'm fat is going to be the ultimate insult that will make me stop dressing up as Jill Valentine. The moment I show them that being called fat isn't an insult is when their little minds explode and are incompetent to come up with better insults. For me, stating the obvious about someone's features is not an insult. I know I'm a chubby girl, I'm also well endowed in the chest department then most females, so any costume I do will have to be taken into consideration on how much cleavage I want to show off. I try to stay fairly conservative with my costumes, but I also like to be able to play up the sexiness as much as I can. Elvira was the most revealing costume I have ever set my sights on, plus I have an agreement with the hubby to only do the costume if he is around or a trusty handler (never know if people will get out of hand). For the most part convention goers in my city are well behaved, but I like to surround myself with a group of people just to be safe.

Cosplay bullying will inevitably be worse the more you try to put yourself out there for the world to see, I'm going to level with you, yea we want the attention. That is why we share our pictures, we love the input from our followers that suggest what costumes to do, we want to have fans. The fact that people are making money and being invited to conventions as a guest blows my mind, gives many of us a goal we can hopefully achieve to one day be as good at making costumes as a famous cosplayer. However there is a downside to the fame too, the hatred becomes greater, constantly being bombarded with messages from fans wanting to have sex with you, death threats because of your popularity is also a reality. I know a few people who refuse to turn on their private messages some days because of the amount of questionable behaviours that people seem to act out over the Internet. 

What it comes down to folks, is we have to start treating people online the same way we treat strangers that we see walking down the street or at a mall. You wouldn't go up to a good looking person and ask if you can see their tits or their penis would you? So why is this acceptable online? Anyone who dresses in costume are doing it for themselves, if you are lucky enough to be important in the life of a cosplayer, they may consider your suggestion and make a costume of that character. 

Instead of knocking people down, let's try to build confidence in people. Let's encourage people's creativity, and provide creative criticism instead of bashing the works of someone who is only trying to share their work with others who are of like mind. Let's change this hobby this year, LET'S BE COSPOSITIVE! 

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Starbucks has treated me very well, so its not fair to put blame on a company that gives full benefits, free drinks,and many other great things that makes it hard to hate. I've worked for this company for five years and five months, one question has been constantly popping up. Why aren't you shift or manager? GREAT QUESTION! why haven't I pushed myself to be at the top? I don't have a proper answer sadly, I go to work with the intention of having a good day, doing my work, and then coming home. Somewhere in between having a good day and doing my work I find myself questioning why am I doing all this work when it seems like others are more than content to do the bare minimum just to get by and are happy. I've tried to be more vocal to get things done in the store, but it has now resulted to a conflict with attitude. Complaints seem to be more frequent than praises, coworkers (I feel) are avoiding me, situations with customers come to light that I feel really aren't big deals but somehow become big problems and I get reprimanded for it TWICE (even tho the situation was dealt with and should have been left at that) The world is not against me, I don't like having that attitude. Maybe I'm missing something, I want to succeed in life but how can I when the same patterns start to arise? I should have this figured out by now, what am I not getting? Five years and my boss is telling me that I shouldn't have this behavior, but it's retail. There will be a moment where a customer won't be happy, a disagreement will arise, a drink will have to be remade. What ever the situation we aren't always going to deal with it the same way each time, it's called being human. And I hate being fake with people, I don't like when people are fake with me so why should I use that god awful sweet voice and huge fake smile? I am not going to be Ned Flanders, if I do any banter in my drive thru it's my way of being polite and trying to make people more comfortable. Sometimes I assess the tone of voice from the customer at the speaker, if they are quick witted and joke with you then I do my best to be that back, however not everyone is going to be happy. I won't push that person's buttons by putting on the cheese. I can't help but feel that is what my managers want from me, and I can't always be on like that NO ONE IS. We all have off days, we all have great days, sometimes I have in between days where I'd like to do my shit and not have to be someone I'm not. I think that is the issue from all the retail job I've had. I am expected to be something that I can't conform to, and then it becomes a personality clash. I'd like to have a bit more understanding, could be something that I'm just over thinking. Just tired of feeling like no matter how hard I try at my job I can never make anyone happy, that and I feel I have to constantly impress people. Not sure where my Starbucks career is going to be in the next five years (or where my life is going to be in five years) I just know Something has to change, but it shouldn't be me for people who don't appreciate what I do.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Working in retail can be frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. I've been working in the business of customer service for the better part of thirteen years, and there are some good things about each job I had. That being said, there are some bad things as well. I've often been told by my husband and many others during venting sessions "If you're that miserable, quit." Now I have a very weird work ethic, one that I allow myself to have an open availability because I don't have any kids and not much of a life (or money) to go do exciting things with. I also take the bus everywhere, but I don't think that stops me from working where there are jobs available. One of the most common things I've been told is that I am very reliable, often I am the most reliable person that they have at the store. I've struggled at all my jobs to get the appropriate hours so that I'm not struggling to make ends meet and my bills get paid. I have also a huge pride issue, I would rather scrub toilets at a restaurant then beg for money to eat. I grew up in fostercare and remembering the life of living on welfare before being taken into Child Family Service custody resonated with me. It's not that that lifestyle is below me, I just believe that I can create a much better life for myself and my future. I have been trying very hard to find that happy place for myself. But now I feel I'm in a constant loop of repeating the same scenario. I get told I'm a good worker and very reliable, hours get cut, and I'm stuck scratching my head on how to get more hours or even move up but never do, I get flustered and find a new job. Starbucks has been my home for five years (longest job I've had) I am very proud to work at my store and enjoy working with the staff. I love what the company stands for and I feel it is the best job I've had. Working in retail is not my dream, nor have I thought I'd be working in this field for this long. I've often daydreamed of being in the studio and either reading a script for a voice over or even writing a commercial. Hell I've entertained the thought of owning my own radio station. So what has stopped me? I wouldn't consider my dream has stopped, I just fell in love with Starbucks and wanted to peruse a possible career. Not much can be done in Winnipeg sadly for customer service. If I really want to have a nice cushy office job, I'd have to move to Toronto or Vancouver (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN) My fear right now is that I've been on a downward spiral and my chances of moving up is as likely as seeing a Unicorn shit rainbows. So what does this mean for my future with the store, perhaps I've overstayed my welcome and its time to either transfer or move on. I often wish that I could not care for my job as much as I do, often at the other jobs I've had management seemed only interested in doing the minimal work and making everyone else do it. But that just isn't how I work, and then one day I saw this and it all became clear.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Once again a mass shooting happened and we are left scratching our heads trying to figure out how someone can be so sinister. What gets me is that since the Columbine shooting, the call for proper gun laws are still a debate. It seems now every year we are hearing about another person with mental health problems having access to guns plans out a horrific event. Why should it be the result of twenty kids dying before people realize what needs to be done. I know many people who have mental disabilities, and not ONE would ever consider opening fire on people let alone a school full of kids. I feel that once we accepted the mental disability story, the murderer becomes a pitied soul and everyone forgets the horrific event that had unfolded. Another reason for mass shooting I refuse to accept as an excuse, bullying and being abused. I am a product of both, severe bullying in school made me not want to go outside for recess, and the abuse I was getting at home made me never want to go home. I spent my whole childhood scared out of my mind of who to trust, I felt alone, and very vulnerable. Murder was far from my mind, I was too busy trying to survive the day. If I was a child that died in care, would there be a trial for the family that mistreated me? Or would the blame be put on my own mother who wasn't mentally fit to take care of her three daughters? Canada has had their fair share of mass shootings from 1902-2012, most recently was a gang related mass shooting at a party in Toronto. Earlier this year the Eaton Center mall also in Toronto was under attack, of which one survivor later had died in the Aurora Theater shooting. To me it doesn't matter where the shooting or mass murder happens, its still too close to home and we have to start looking for ways to prevent it. If people are going to purchase guns or weapons to protect themselves, then maybe have the police do an inspection once a month to make sure that those guns are in cases that are properly fitted with a tamper proof lock. If safes can be installed that are uncrackable, then whats to stop someone from installing a proper case for their guns and other weapons. When it comes to mental health, there are several places people can go for help. If family aren't being supportive then its up to you to make sure you get the help you need. Google is a great tool for finding places, even Facebook can help bring you to someone who is willing to take a few moments to chat. I won't let anyone of my friends down if they need to chat about how they feel. I'll also talk to complete strangers because all it takes is one person's compassion to change the mind of those who want to do harm to themselves or others. I just feel that the media, and even the judicial system have made the murders of such horrific events into a victim themselves. They will still be monsters to those who survived, the families of those who died, and to many of us as we see these stories unfold. I cant show remorse for those who feel the need to get attention by the media by shooting innocent people and children. And I'd also like to state that if I ever catch any member of the Westboro Baptist Church in my city, I will not hesitate giving them a good kick in the nuts or a punch in the face. Their statements about several of these tragedies are just as sick as the monsters who act out these violent crimes. I hope you all will stand up against them and make sure that the families have their time to mourn. Don't go down to their level by messaging them and starting a flame war on their sites, but if you happen to be in the same place where they try picketing, make sure you are louder and have better signs then them. Also protect those families by making a human wall around the funeral. Hope your Christmas is a great one, stay safe and you know who to talk with when you need a friend.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Anti-Bullying for Cosplayers.

Way to often I see and hear about people making rude comments to fellow cosplayers, I've even been attacked myself. This really needs to stop. I don't go around attacking those who chose to drink themselves silly at bars or at socials, and are overly obnoxious and can't stand on their own. Trust me the thought had crossed my mind to do so, but why bother if they won't remember it the next day. I enjoy costuming, even when its not Halloween. I love the creativeness of the many people who I have met over the last few years. But sadly, many of the people who are outside of our groups don't understand us. They have berated us, posted crude and disgusting things on our pages, and even sent us messages that we are too ashamed to even repeat. Back in October there was an article that was being passed around about a Fitness journalist from Men's Fitness that went to a convention only to make fun of those who he deemed "UNFIT TO WEAR COSTUMES" He took pictures and made many rude comments about the weight of many of those in costume. This is the type of behavior that is destroying many talented peoples confidence. When it comes to DiviantART, I still haven't made an account due to the amount of attacks that I've witnessed myself on peoples pages. Why do we do this people? have we not had enough of this crap in school? Do you not remember how scarring it was back when we were kids, do we need to continue this behavior into adulthood? And please don't tell me to grow up and stop dressing up as a superhero because really that is NON OF YOUR BUSINESS. If you don't like it, we aren't forcing you to look at it. A fellow blogger had set up a facebook page and event for those who are against bullying to come together and make an Anti-Bullying video. I had jumped at this opportunity to try to get together fellow cosplayers and other costuming groups to do an Anti-Bullying video and photo shoot to raise awareness. Even tho some of these comments are said over the net, it still hurts us. If you are interested in joining us we encourage you to do so.

Monday, April 16, 2012


"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies." —Groucho Marx

I could not have said it better. The way that our transit system is going, I don't see it getting any better. And what a surprise that when you Google Rapid Transit, it talks about subway systems. Winnipeg doesn't have Subways (except the sandwich shops)And I am all for making our bus service better for those who chose not to drive in our over populated city, but why make it look like we have an above ground subway system? Metal and glass doesn't fair well in -40 degree weather, and the amount of vandalism is just about to go up.

I have my license, but its only a learners. I have no problems taking the bus to work and everywhere I go. However, when you have to leave an hour to two hours before your scheduled appointment and the bus is still late, that is a piss off. Who do you hold accountable? 311; The number to call to complain about the bus service, is the same number people use to call for booking their golf games. How did that even become an important option for an automated service?

Its not easy being a bus driver, and the fact that the attacks on them have increase in the last year is unfortunate. However, the driving abilities still suck. Way to often they slam on the breaks for no reason, they have a tenancy to surge on the gas and the break making it rather difficult to hold steady while standing during busy times. The Buses are extremely packed in the after noons to the point where I have been tempted to sit on peoples laps just so I can avoid being pancaked by people.

Do we need more buses? Maybe, I say we could benefit by bringing back double dickers when it is rush hour. Hiring more bus drivers who can actually drive is a must. I'm tired of drivers not paying attention to the rules of the road, just because you are the biggest thing on the road doesn't make you entitled to run stop signs and not stop at cross walks. That can go for many drivers in the city too.

Adhering to schedules is something that is drilled in to our skulls from elementary school, why is it so difficult to have a bus show up on time? If a bathroom break must be made, fine but if your going to a donut shop for your double double and a crawler, at least have the decency to get one for the rest of us on the bus who you are inconveniently holding up for your fat ass.

I am not amused with what a complete waste of time it was for me to get from point A to point B this afternoon. Taking the 66 rout used to be so easy, walk to Polo Park and take it down Kenaston Blvd. to Grant Ave. Or if your Downtown; Walk to Donald Ave. and take it to Confusion Corner then to Grant Ave. There was nothing wrong with that, there was hardly any traffic unlike the 16 route where it takes you two hours to get home, if you don't give up half way during your trip through Osbourne Village and walk the rest of the way.

Transit had discontinued many stops to build corridors (mini bus station) around the city to free up traffic where it gets congested. That is great, but now people who have a difficult time getting around now have to go further to reach their bus. And not to mention confusing the hell out of those who now have to relearn the system because of the change of said discontinued stops. What they didn't take in to account is, people living and working around those discontinued stops. I guess you better get used to walking every where Winnipeg.

Once again i ask; Who is held responsible when this system is costing us taxpayers more money than we can afford? Mayor Sam Katz, we voted for him because he was the least likely candidate who will screw us over. Granted he has done a lot of good over the years. Managed to help us get back our Jets with the help of the great people from True North. Katz has given us a revitalization of our down town, which I still would like to see improve but it is a slow process. And the Forks, the introduction to the other eyesore of the city. Canadian Museum for Human Rights, which can't even keep the people who are building it employed. Once its done it will be a great addition to the giant metal penis that is the L'espinad Reil Bridge.