Friday, August 21, 2009


Well actually its more like Going to the gazebo.

Yup its finally here, time to get hitched and start a family. I honestly thought I'd be waiting much longer.

So my stress level is down a few thousnd notches, but I still feel apprehensive. I have friends and family asking me if I'm doing the right thing.

Ladies and gentlemen let me ask you a question? If you had waited patiently for 6 long years for your partner to move in with you, wouldn't you want to get married too?

I have a great wedding planned, not sure what to expect but everything is planned.

Many thanks are in order... Mary Lou (mom #2) much appreciated for planning a wedding in such short notice. I know we only gave you three months but you did an excellent job. Wally (Dad #2) thank you for not going insane with the last minute running around. And of course to my fiance who kept me strong this entire time when I felt like I had failed as a human being.

To my family and friends Thank you for sticking by me and encouraging me to stick with a wonderful man. I only wish I had enough money so I could take all of you out for a steak dinner.

I love you all and I can't wait to see you at the wedding on Saturday.