Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I am proud to live in a country where health care is provided Freely without having to pay an arm and a leg for treatment. However I do have a problem with a system that has a habit of giving the wrong information without doing the proper tests.

Back in 2001 I went for my first PAP Test. The doctor who performed the test informed me that I had a Benign Cyst in my vagina. Shocked to hear this news I asked the doctor what can be done about it and she told me that its nothing to worry about.

Fast forward about six years later. I had just quit a stressful job being a security guard and I feel pain in my right side. Sharp Piercing Pain. It got to the point where I couldn't walk, it hurt to move. I'm not one to take pain killers unless it called for it, in one day I had taken Over my limit of Tyonal. My roommate at the time had T3's I had taken 4 of them and still the pain persisted.

I went to see my husband's family doctor to find out what was wrong. He told me it was an ulcer and put me on medication. Now keep in mind he didn't actually take my blood, or take any tests. Instead he poked at the area where I told him it hurt and he made up his mind from that.

Well guess what the pain was still there and the medication did absolutely nothing. I decided one day to go in for another PAP test. I found out that I had abnormal Cells around my Cervix and remember the Cyst? Yeah that grew to the size of a grape fruit according to the Gynecologist who removed it for me. Since then I haven't had any pain in my side and I've been given a bill of clean health.

I've lived with a giant sack of PUSS in my vagina for six years. I'm thanking my lucky stars that's all it was. You should be able to trust what the doctor says as being true. They are there to tell us weather or not we are healthy, and when we aren't they are supposed to tell us how to make us healthy.

Recently I had some problems with my right foot. I have a spur on my heal (it a build up of calcium on the bone) I have changed shoes, worn out several insoles, and tried to live with the pain. But the pain in my heal doesn't compare to the pain I now feel in my big toe and across the top of my foot. Again I have taken many a Tyonal to relive the pain but it still persists. I assumed it was because I was doing Yoga too much so I stopped.

Months went by, I got married, and switched jobs but I find my self in more pain and limping around the house like an old lady. I'm only 27.

I went to a podiatrist and she told me that I have a stress fracture. OK so I get a new insole in my shoes. Few weeks later I'm curious to know how bad the "Stress Fracture" is. I go on my day off to the clinic and wait 4 hours for an X-ray.

First of all the doctor is telling me that there's nothing wrong with my foot that the pain must be muscular and that i just need to get better shoes. I tell him about the spur on my heal. He gives me a blank stare and tries to argue with me and say I don't have one.

Ladies and gentlemen I saw the X-ray myself when I went to get my heal checked a few years ago. I saw the Spur, it looks like a little hook. I walk on it day in and day out, if that's not a spur on my heal WTF is it???

So he tries to prove me wrong by showing me the X-ray and yeah there was nothing wrong with it, however IT WAS THE WRONG X-RAY. He then relises his mistake and switches to my X-ray. Low and Bohold, I have a crooked toe. He tells me that I have a misalignment in my foot and that I should look into going into Physio Therapy. All fine and dandy if you have money to afford it, however I don't have my benefits yet at my job. And I doubt Starbucks pays that kind of money out for it.

Which brings to today. I made an apointment with my chiropractor to see if theres anything he can do for my foot. I go in after work, take off my sock and he tells me I have a Hallux valgus. which is a BUNION. My chiropractor was mad. He noticed it right away when i took off my sock.

Why is my chiropractor treating my foot when I went to two "Specialists"???? Has our medical society become that LAZY?

I understand their over loaded with patents but isn't that why we pay them the BIG BUCKS???

I'm tired of being misdiagnosed by doctors who are just in it for the money. That is how people die. I really don't want there to be a next time, because I'm worried it might be fatal.