Monday, April 16, 2012


"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies." —Groucho Marx

I could not have said it better. The way that our transit system is going, I don't see it getting any better. And what a surprise that when you Google Rapid Transit, it talks about subway systems. Winnipeg doesn't have Subways (except the sandwich shops)And I am all for making our bus service better for those who chose not to drive in our over populated city, but why make it look like we have an above ground subway system? Metal and glass doesn't fair well in -40 degree weather, and the amount of vandalism is just about to go up.

I have my license, but its only a learners. I have no problems taking the bus to work and everywhere I go. However, when you have to leave an hour to two hours before your scheduled appointment and the bus is still late, that is a piss off. Who do you hold accountable? 311; The number to call to complain about the bus service, is the same number people use to call for booking their golf games. How did that even become an important option for an automated service?

Its not easy being a bus driver, and the fact that the attacks on them have increase in the last year is unfortunate. However, the driving abilities still suck. Way to often they slam on the breaks for no reason, they have a tenancy to surge on the gas and the break making it rather difficult to hold steady while standing during busy times. The Buses are extremely packed in the after noons to the point where I have been tempted to sit on peoples laps just so I can avoid being pancaked by people.

Do we need more buses? Maybe, I say we could benefit by bringing back double dickers when it is rush hour. Hiring more bus drivers who can actually drive is a must. I'm tired of drivers not paying attention to the rules of the road, just because you are the biggest thing on the road doesn't make you entitled to run stop signs and not stop at cross walks. That can go for many drivers in the city too.

Adhering to schedules is something that is drilled in to our skulls from elementary school, why is it so difficult to have a bus show up on time? If a bathroom break must be made, fine but if your going to a donut shop for your double double and a crawler, at least have the decency to get one for the rest of us on the bus who you are inconveniently holding up for your fat ass.

I am not amused with what a complete waste of time it was for me to get from point A to point B this afternoon. Taking the 66 rout used to be so easy, walk to Polo Park and take it down Kenaston Blvd. to Grant Ave. Or if your Downtown; Walk to Donald Ave. and take it to Confusion Corner then to Grant Ave. There was nothing wrong with that, there was hardly any traffic unlike the 16 route where it takes you two hours to get home, if you don't give up half way during your trip through Osbourne Village and walk the rest of the way.

Transit had discontinued many stops to build corridors (mini bus station) around the city to free up traffic where it gets congested. That is great, but now people who have a difficult time getting around now have to go further to reach their bus. And not to mention confusing the hell out of those who now have to relearn the system because of the change of said discontinued stops. What they didn't take in to account is, people living and working around those discontinued stops. I guess you better get used to walking every where Winnipeg.

Once again i ask; Who is held responsible when this system is costing us taxpayers more money than we can afford? Mayor Sam Katz, we voted for him because he was the least likely candidate who will screw us over. Granted he has done a lot of good over the years. Managed to help us get back our Jets with the help of the great people from True North. Katz has given us a revitalization of our down town, which I still would like to see improve but it is a slow process. And the Forks, the introduction to the other eyesore of the city. Canadian Museum for Human Rights, which can't even keep the people who are building it employed. Once its done it will be a great addition to the giant metal penis that is the L'espinad Reil Bridge.