Saturday, February 21, 2015


Starbucks has treated me very well, so its not fair to put blame on a company that gives full benefits, free drinks,and many other great things that makes it hard to hate. I've worked for this company for five years and five months, one question has been constantly popping up. Why aren't you shift or manager? GREAT QUESTION! why haven't I pushed myself to be at the top? I don't have a proper answer sadly, I go to work with the intention of having a good day, doing my work, and then coming home. Somewhere in between having a good day and doing my work I find myself questioning why am I doing all this work when it seems like others are more than content to do the bare minimum just to get by and are happy. I've tried to be more vocal to get things done in the store, but it has now resulted to a conflict with attitude. Complaints seem to be more frequent than praises, coworkers (I feel) are avoiding me, situations with customers come to light that I feel really aren't big deals but somehow become big problems and I get reprimanded for it TWICE (even tho the situation was dealt with and should have been left at that) The world is not against me, I don't like having that attitude. Maybe I'm missing something, I want to succeed in life but how can I when the same patterns start to arise? I should have this figured out by now, what am I not getting? Five years and my boss is telling me that I shouldn't have this behavior, but it's retail. There will be a moment where a customer won't be happy, a disagreement will arise, a drink will have to be remade. What ever the situation we aren't always going to deal with it the same way each time, it's called being human. And I hate being fake with people, I don't like when people are fake with me so why should I use that god awful sweet voice and huge fake smile? I am not going to be Ned Flanders, if I do any banter in my drive thru it's my way of being polite and trying to make people more comfortable. Sometimes I assess the tone of voice from the customer at the speaker, if they are quick witted and joke with you then I do my best to be that back, however not everyone is going to be happy. I won't push that person's buttons by putting on the cheese. I can't help but feel that is what my managers want from me, and I can't always be on like that NO ONE IS. We all have off days, we all have great days, sometimes I have in between days where I'd like to do my shit and not have to be someone I'm not. I think that is the issue from all the retail job I've had. I am expected to be something that I can't conform to, and then it becomes a personality clash. I'd like to have a bit more understanding, could be something that I'm just over thinking. Just tired of feeling like no matter how hard I try at my job I can never make anyone happy, that and I feel I have to constantly impress people. Not sure where my Starbucks career is going to be in the next five years (or where my life is going to be in five years) I just know Something has to change, but it shouldn't be me for people who don't appreciate what I do.