Thursday, December 4, 2014


Working in retail can be frustrating and rewarding all at the same time. I've been working in the business of customer service for the better part of thirteen years, and there are some good things about each job I had. That being said, there are some bad things as well. I've often been told by my husband and many others during venting sessions "If you're that miserable, quit." Now I have a very weird work ethic, one that I allow myself to have an open availability because I don't have any kids and not much of a life (or money) to go do exciting things with. I also take the bus everywhere, but I don't think that stops me from working where there are jobs available. One of the most common things I've been told is that I am very reliable, often I am the most reliable person that they have at the store. I've struggled at all my jobs to get the appropriate hours so that I'm not struggling to make ends meet and my bills get paid. I have also a huge pride issue, I would rather scrub toilets at a restaurant then beg for money to eat. I grew up in fostercare and remembering the life of living on welfare before being taken into Child Family Service custody resonated with me. It's not that that lifestyle is below me, I just believe that I can create a much better life for myself and my future. I have been trying very hard to find that happy place for myself. But now I feel I'm in a constant loop of repeating the same scenario. I get told I'm a good worker and very reliable, hours get cut, and I'm stuck scratching my head on how to get more hours or even move up but never do, I get flustered and find a new job. Starbucks has been my home for five years (longest job I've had) I am very proud to work at my store and enjoy working with the staff. I love what the company stands for and I feel it is the best job I've had. Working in retail is not my dream, nor have I thought I'd be working in this field for this long. I've often daydreamed of being in the studio and either reading a script for a voice over or even writing a commercial. Hell I've entertained the thought of owning my own radio station. So what has stopped me? I wouldn't consider my dream has stopped, I just fell in love with Starbucks and wanted to peruse a possible career. Not much can be done in Winnipeg sadly for customer service. If I really want to have a nice cushy office job, I'd have to move to Toronto or Vancouver (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN) My fear right now is that I've been on a downward spiral and my chances of moving up is as likely as seeing a Unicorn shit rainbows. So what does this mean for my future with the store, perhaps I've overstayed my welcome and its time to either transfer or move on. I often wish that I could not care for my job as much as I do, often at the other jobs I've had management seemed only interested in doing the minimal work and making everyone else do it. But that just isn't how I work, and then one day I saw this and it all became clear.