Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yay the comic con is finally here!!!

Time to
and be that obnoxious nerd that I try to lock up every other time of year.

However this is my first comic-con and already I'm a bit peeved.

Why you ask well i'll put it like so....

1. First of all I can't go the whole weekend like I was dreaming for so many months ago. I can only go Friday. I have to work the rest of the weekend.

2. The main reason why I wanted to go was to meet Adam West ( think 1960's Batman for those who might want to ask the dumb question) wont be showing up till Sunday.

3. If by some miracle i would have been able to meet said pop icon (obviously not until magical pigs start to come down from heaven and fly out of my own ass) I would have to pay the entrance fee is $12.00 or if i wanted to go real crazy and pay for the weekend pass which is $30.00 at the door.

Then somehow dodge the relentless amount of drooling, allergy infected, asthma ridden, bio-hazards we call nerds. Get to where their holding the Q&A and pay $100.00 and listen to the COMIC BOOK GUY like mentality of many of the participants.

Then get in line and wait probably two hours if not longer depends on how many episode related questions and comments about how many women he slept with might be asked. Finally get to Mr. West and bend over like a cheap whore once again and pay another $40.00 for an autograph photo of the man I once called my favorite Batman (sorry Keaton and Bail)

Now if you were all fallowing the math problem. I'll give you a few moments to take out your hand dandy computer calculator.....(Humming Jeopardy theme music)

that brings us to #4.

$182.00..($152.00 if i only pay the twelve dollar fee)....WTF...... That doesn't include the amount of comics and toys and other shwag I may chose NOT to purchase because this magical place that is really a glorified FLEA MARKET (thank you to the owner of MAXX Collectibles in opening my eyes on the truth behind Comic-cons)

5. This event unfortunately does not fall on the weekend I get payed. Nore was I smart and saved up money for this event. I have bills that need to be payed, rent is due, and I also have a thing called a student loan (that will no doubt make me homeless if i don't find some job that even shows that I got a broadcasting degree for a reason and yes I've tried searching) I love my job at Starbucks but lets be hohnest I want to meet celebs and be paid to ask the questions everyone wants to know.

6. I spent months on my costume and I'm damn proud to say yes I've stooped that low...I'm dressing up for this thing because I love costumes. I've entered the costume contest for the Miss C4 competition and i hope i have most of the competitors beat, not that i mean to toot my own horn, but lets just say I have certain assets that comic artist get alot of grief about over emphasizing. Why is this a problem you ask. Well I have no flippin clue as to where I am going. The website doesn't tell me what room the costume contest is going to be in, NOR did the person who set this up E-mail me to where we are supposed to meet.

Ok I know I'm bitching too much but it does upset me quite a bit. We work hard for our money and not often do you see us UBER NERDS out in the public (the internet is our haven) But do you have to give us a metaphorical wedgie and make us pay a SHIT load of money to entertain us? There should be a law against Extortion.

Believe me, if the patrons of this event are anything like me, it doesn't take a whole lot to make us happy. All we need are the basics: Star Wars, Star Trek, new and used comics, maybe a few guests, and a considerate amount paraphernalia. Oh and FOOD. And unlimited usage of the WI FI connection. And if you charge a SMALL fee for everything.... WE WON'T BITCH!!!!

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  1. btw maxx collectibles is holding a sale over the weekend.