Thursday, June 23, 2011

Winnipeg Has a Heart

I couldn't be prouder to live in this city. We have rallied for years to bring back the Jets, and finally after fifteen years we got our team back.

And just recently without a reason Wizard World cancelled The Central Canada Comic Convention, taking all the guests and hope and dreams of people meeting such talented people as Adam West, Burt Ward, Ray Park, and any other celebrity that Wizard World has promised.

Many people were and are still mad and outright disgusted that this has happened without so much as a warning. Feelings of anger and betrayal fill my heart as I stare at the blank page of the Wizard World C4 page that once listed the many guests that were supposed to show. All that it says now is: We are sorry, the requested page is no longer available. Like we are just supposed to forget that we spend months on making our costumes, preparing what we want to say to our idols, and making sure our skin isn't covered in zits, for it all to not happen at all. I'm sorry that just isn't acceptable.

As we plotted to go out in costume and take the streets with signs and anger and rally in front of the CTV building in order to get our voices heard, one man heard our cries and saved Comic Con.

Michael Paille of Raven Toys, Comics & Games flew in and saved the day, ensuring all of us panicking nerds that C4 will still happen. In less than 24 hours the Convention Center was booked, plans for a garage sale for fundraising was planned, and a new venue to rally has been put into place. With dozens of volunteers offering their support and tying up Mikes phone lines, its almost overwhelming to see the amount of support that our community is giving to ensure that there is a convention to go to in October. Mike even worked hard on creating a new website for The Central Canada Comic Con.

There is one celebrity I do have to thank as well, Jack O'Halloran, who is a retired boxer and has appeared in Superman 1 and 2 and several other movies since 1975. He has shown his support for our comic con and deserves to have a permanent spot on our celebrity panel.

No word as of yet from Wizard World about the reason why they have cancelled the convention. Several tweets, e-mails, and facebook posts have been made to find answers but none are to be had. There is supposed to be a press release in a few days, but I feel that they should have released one when they made the decision to cancel rather than leave us scrambling and confused. I feel that Wizard World might suffer the same fate as their once great magazine.

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