Saturday, February 20, 2016


I look forward to the day where Cosplay is just Cosplay. I'm tired of seeing people claims that someone's hard work is labeled as "The Fat Version Of...." Or "The Black...." This needs to stop IMEDIATLY!

I hate the word Elitists when it comes to describing Cosplay snobs, it's too good of a word for people who go out of their way to tear down a person's skill when they themselves once started as a noob. Instead of looking down at other cosplayers and thinking they aren't good enough to be in your presence, provide them with Costructive Critisism or keep walkin or scrolling. Not everyone with a keyboard needs to use it to voice their opinions on how a person doesn't measure up to their standards, nor should anyone with a state of the art sewing machine, tell people that their costumes aren't up to a certain standard for being a cosplayer. NEWS FLASH! There is NO ACTUAL COSPLAY STANDARD! Please stop acting as if there is. Let everyone have their fun, because we aren't dressing for you. We dress in costumes because we love bringing a character to life, and it make others happy when they see their favorite characters brought to life by someone who enjoys the same fandom.

It's hard to have heroes in the cosplay world when even those we look up to aren't willing to give their fans the time of day. But let's not lose hope, there are lots of people willing to answere questions and help those who may feel overwhelmed with their costumes. There are many FaceBook groups that have been created around the COSPOSITIVE movement, one of which that has been created by myself and a close friend a year ago. You can find the page at this link, feel free to share your progress and pictures of your favorite cosplay here:

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