Monday, January 19, 2009

Wedding Gitters

Now that new years is over and everyone is in the process of breaking their New Years Resolutions let me be the first to congratulate those who decided not to make a resolution. I don't see the point of them, i was once one of those people that once said "By this time next year I'm going to be smoke free." i didn't quit smoking until September of 2007.

With our economy being the way it is, I'm realizing that I need to re think my career. I am not going to give up on my dream of becoming a successful broadcaster however i may have to change my career for a while so that i can save up enough money for myself to get all the technology i need to start my business. This is going to suck ass royally for me. The only thing i have proven to do well is being in retail...I hate retail.

Its at the point now where my life seems to be going no where, Yeah i know I'm getting married in a few months but honestly i have to admit. I'm scared. its not the fact that i have cold feet. its my family and friends. My sisters hate my family, and their not even willing to put aside their bullshit long enough for me to walk down the isle. Which means i will have to rely on two other women who don't know me as much and the last time we hung out together for the whole day was back in high school. I do have a few guy friends who i consider to be good friends but i can't exactly have them as my bridesmaids. trust me two heavy set men in plumb purple dresses. I'm not trying to do a production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

My husband to be and I haven't even come close to picking out our wedding song. Don't couples usually have this sort of thin figured out during the dating process? Man its worse that going to the dentist and having the man fall asleep while your mouth is propped open waiting for him to Finnish the capping process on your teeth. (BTW this actually happened)

I keep having this recurring nightmare that my wedding is one big disaster, everyone complaining about the food, the wedding party gets lost, and my dress gets destroyed. Maybe i should just do the safe thing and sign the paper work and then have a giant social instead. its cheaper and less hassle for my family to start WORLD WAR III.

Well that's enough bitching for now, have a good one.

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