Friday, June 22, 2012

Anti-Bullying for Cosplayers.

Way to often I see and hear about people making rude comments to fellow cosplayers, I've even been attacked myself. This really needs to stop. I don't go around attacking those who chose to drink themselves silly at bars or at socials, and are overly obnoxious and can't stand on their own. Trust me the thought had crossed my mind to do so, but why bother if they won't remember it the next day. I enjoy costuming, even when its not Halloween. I love the creativeness of the many people who I have met over the last few years. But sadly, many of the people who are outside of our groups don't understand us. They have berated us, posted crude and disgusting things on our pages, and even sent us messages that we are too ashamed to even repeat. Back in October there was an article that was being passed around about a Fitness journalist from Men's Fitness that went to a convention only to make fun of those who he deemed "UNFIT TO WEAR COSTUMES" He took pictures and made many rude comments about the weight of many of those in costume. This is the type of behavior that is destroying many talented peoples confidence. When it comes to DiviantART, I still haven't made an account due to the amount of attacks that I've witnessed myself on peoples pages. Why do we do this people? have we not had enough of this crap in school? Do you not remember how scarring it was back when we were kids, do we need to continue this behavior into adulthood? And please don't tell me to grow up and stop dressing up as a superhero because really that is NON OF YOUR BUSINESS. If you don't like it, we aren't forcing you to look at it. A fellow blogger had set up a facebook page and event for those who are against bullying to come together and make an Anti-Bullying video. I had jumped at this opportunity to try to get together fellow cosplayers and other costuming groups to do an Anti-Bullying video and photo shoot to raise awareness. Even tho some of these comments are said over the net, it still hurts us. If you are interested in joining us we encourage you to do so.

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