Saturday, December 15, 2012


Once again a mass shooting happened and we are left scratching our heads trying to figure out how someone can be so sinister. What gets me is that since the Columbine shooting, the call for proper gun laws are still a debate. It seems now every year we are hearing about another person with mental health problems having access to guns plans out a horrific event. Why should it be the result of twenty kids dying before people realize what needs to be done. I know many people who have mental disabilities, and not ONE would ever consider opening fire on people let alone a school full of kids. I feel that once we accepted the mental disability story, the murderer becomes a pitied soul and everyone forgets the horrific event that had unfolded. Another reason for mass shooting I refuse to accept as an excuse, bullying and being abused. I am a product of both, severe bullying in school made me not want to go outside for recess, and the abuse I was getting at home made me never want to go home. I spent my whole childhood scared out of my mind of who to trust, I felt alone, and very vulnerable. Murder was far from my mind, I was too busy trying to survive the day. If I was a child that died in care, would there be a trial for the family that mistreated me? Or would the blame be put on my own mother who wasn't mentally fit to take care of her three daughters? Canada has had their fair share of mass shootings from 1902-2012, most recently was a gang related mass shooting at a party in Toronto. Earlier this year the Eaton Center mall also in Toronto was under attack, of which one survivor later had died in the Aurora Theater shooting. To me it doesn't matter where the shooting or mass murder happens, its still too close to home and we have to start looking for ways to prevent it. If people are going to purchase guns or weapons to protect themselves, then maybe have the police do an inspection once a month to make sure that those guns are in cases that are properly fitted with a tamper proof lock. If safes can be installed that are uncrackable, then whats to stop someone from installing a proper case for their guns and other weapons. When it comes to mental health, there are several places people can go for help. If family aren't being supportive then its up to you to make sure you get the help you need. Google is a great tool for finding places, even Facebook can help bring you to someone who is willing to take a few moments to chat. I won't let anyone of my friends down if they need to chat about how they feel. I'll also talk to complete strangers because all it takes is one person's compassion to change the mind of those who want to do harm to themselves or others. I just feel that the media, and even the judicial system have made the murders of such horrific events into a victim themselves. They will still be monsters to those who survived, the families of those who died, and to many of us as we see these stories unfold. I cant show remorse for those who feel the need to get attention by the media by shooting innocent people and children. And I'd also like to state that if I ever catch any member of the Westboro Baptist Church in my city, I will not hesitate giving them a good kick in the nuts or a punch in the face. Their statements about several of these tragedies are just as sick as the monsters who act out these violent crimes. I hope you all will stand up against them and make sure that the families have their time to mourn. Don't go down to their level by messaging them and starting a flame war on their sites, but if you happen to be in the same place where they try picketing, make sure you are louder and have better signs then them. Also protect those families by making a human wall around the funeral. Hope your Christmas is a great one, stay safe and you know who to talk with when you need a friend.

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