Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well peeps it's time for another installment of MY MONTHLY BITCHING.

I'm sure you all can guess that I'm about to bitch about my job. I have once again got into a position where I'm feeling like I was just hired until someone else comes along to do the job. Despite the many times I hear from the rest of the staff that they love working with me.

I have only been at my job for about four months, however I've already noticed the true colors of the management. I don't know why I have problems getting past the PART TIME position.

I have asked my boss why my hours are being cut. Being untrustworthy and flipping out on customers is a trait I never knew I possessed. Especially when I tend to be 20 to 30 minutes early for my shift, and as for the customers; there is always going to be a customer that will try to get out of paying full price for their product and will make a huge stink to the boss when they go home and complain about their recent visit to the store and how unfairly they were treated. You are suposed to smile and nod and take whatever abuse from them when they are doing nothing but yelling at you about the defective product you just sold them. (there's reasons why people bring guns into work)

No I'm not planning on going on a homicidal rage, don't read into my post that much. But I'm just saying there is a snapping point and believe me its not towards the customers at all.

I have shown the utmost respect for the people I work with and I expect the same in return, however it was brought to my attention today that respect comes with a price. Its my dignity.

I have never felt more ashamed, angry, and outraged as I have tonight. And for my own BOSS to show such childish behavior is mind boggling.

Yesterday I wanted to share my artistic vision with the world and I drew on the menu board a nice picture of our new Coffee (see above) It is a nice logo and I thought I did it justice.

I drew out the first part of it and I asked my manager and her minion what they thought of it. They both said it was nice. Then I was told to draw the crown part and I was more than happy to do it. I helped the customers and finished my job and after I was done work I stayed to finish the picture. I then showed the two the finished product and they seemed happy with it. OR SO IT SEEMED.

After I had left the store they told another guy to re draw the picture. He refused. Then what I am supposed to believe was an accident the minion spilled water on the chalk drawing. Giving my co-worker no choice but to re do the picture. They wanted him to be the fall guy for their stupidity. He was supposed to make up a cover story as to not hurt my feelings so they wouldn't have to explain to me the following day when I returned back to work. Like I wouldn't notice the picture had change.

Its at this point where I feel like I have no one to trust and I am supposed to be happy and smile while working with these people.

I'll take my chances on the grouchy customers thank you.

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