Saturday, February 13, 2010


As Canadian I am truly proud to have the Olympics be hosted in my country. To me, it is the closest thing to having every country agree to put aside their bull crap and hatred toward one another and be peaceful.

Why we don't have a peace agreement signed at every Olympic Opening Ceremony is beyond me, but I think that's what should be done. Every two years we should have the leaders of each country gather around the Olympic flame and sign a "Peace Treaty" that for the next two years there shall not be any wars or any attempt of Warmongering. And If their promises do not up hold then they shall be hung over the cauldron as a reminder that PEACE COMES WITH A PRICE.

Alright don't get all edgy and think wow this woman really has some psychological problems. You grow up in foster care and tell me if your normal. I'm furious at the fact that every time I get excited for the Olympics there's people out there that try to ruin the closest thing to peace that we will ever get.

The reason why people protest the Olympics is as follows:

* Increasing homelessness, poverty, illegal evictions and rent increases,
* Union-busting and public services cutbacks with a $6 billion Olympic
* Threats to civil liberties and crackdowns on visible poverty,
* At least 15,000 police, soldiers, spies and security forces and public
video monitoring,
* Corporate sponsors engaged in arms manufacturing, human rights abuses,
and the environmentally destructive Alberta Tar Sands,
* Exploitation of unceded Indigenous land and resources,
* Major environmental damage to build the ‘Green Games,’ and more ...

Alright I have read some articles about the homeless increase in Vancouver. HOWEVER...It has been growing substantially BEFORE the bid for the Olympics. Granted the government could be doing many things different with this issue then just pushing them away. But for them its easier to pretend that the issue doesn't exist then actually spend taxpayers money on something useful.

I don't live in Vancouver but there is a huge population of homeless and poverty stricken people here in Winnipeg. And instead of making a great homeless shelter run by the government where they actually help the residents find jobs to do for rent at said shelter. Instead the lovely government of Winnipeg would rather put up small crappy bus shacks with no door, no heat and METAL benches where we freeze our asses off in winter and cook our bacon in the summer.

Lets face it the government are twisted jerks who's only main concern is to get richer. And when it comes to the Olympics being set up they don't think what kind of destruction they might be causing wile setting up a great tourist attraction.

As for the fight for the land of where the Olympics are being held...I really don't want to start off a huge debate over this but Its the Olympics, its where athletes come from all over the world to compete in events that I myself am chicken to even think about doing. I think we could put aside the
debate for a few weeks and let our athletes bring home the GOLD.

This fight drives many people crazy on both sides and I do agree that the Native population have been treated unfairly. However there has always been a race that has been deemed week and unworthy of the same rights as any other race. Unfortunately this has become a common
in today's society. Did you deserve to be pushed out of your homes, murdered for standing against the aggressor, and have you children taken away. Hell no, but the government is to much of a bully to hand out reparations to every culture that has been treated unfairly since the Europeans came to this country. Isn't it time you become part of our culture and live as a Canadian citizen instead of trying to fight against it and getting pissed off because your not getting anywhere.

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