Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today I finally got a chance to see the very popular James Cameron's Avatar. I paid 30 bucks to go see it at the Imax in 3D.

I went into it not expecting very much because lately Hollywood has been bringing out crap and polishing up in pretty packages, and hiding the shitty acting with extravagant battle scenes and computer animation. I was pleasantly surprised how good it was all around. Good acting, great script, action was amazing. I even got my first glimps of a boob in I know that sounds extremely nerdy but any chance that a character in movies now a days flashing any sort of mammary or genital is a big deal to me.

Before watching the movie I asked a few of my customers at work what they thought about this film. Everyone said good things about it. One even said its like Pocahontas but with blue people. I have to agree there is an element of John Smith and Pocahontas, even the main character's name Jake Sully is eerily similar to the initials of John Smith. To me there were also other movies that have greatly influenced Avatar.


an animated movie about a lumberjack that gets shrunk by a fairy who is a novice at magic. He lives among them, learns how they live, he is shown the beauty of the forest that he was contracted in to cutting down and falls in love with the fairy that has made him small. They fight against the humans that have plans on cutting down the forest and a sludge monster that wants to destroy all life.

The Matrix:

The Idea of jacking in, downloading yourself and info, and becoming a whole other person. There was even a reference from he Main character of saying that he wasn't sure what reality was true.

James Cameron even went as far as to rip off a beloved character from Marvel Comics for this extravagant movie.


The 3D effects for this movie were cool but I was expecting a bit more than falling leaves, dust particles, and seizure induced flashing. And as I am writing this my head still hasn't fully recovered from the movie. My husband is on the couch sleeping off the pain which I should be doing myself but i chose to write this reveiw instead.

The 3D craze just leaves me feeling uneasy sore, and my eyes feel light sensitive. I have looked this up and I am not the only one who 3D movies have affected this way. If you have any eye problems, or suffer with migraines, and have seizures do not watch this movie in 3D or at the Imax.

This movie was fantastic and the marketing value for this can inspire many movies to come. I also see many sequels in the future and a possible cartoon and comic. The toys however are a bit freaky and wish they would stop being made. But because I'm a geek and love this movie I probably might buy one or two just for my growing collection of comic and movie memorabilia.

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