Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Dear Mark Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook)


There are so many problems with your site. It crashes computers, the privacy is non existent, and the list just goes on.

I have to admit that I joined Facebook after my Myspace friends weren't chatting anymore. I didn't like the fact of joining yet another social networking site to meet people. I am already a part of many online groups and I have probably well over five thousand friends if you put them all together. But the ones I actually talk to are maybe a hundred.

I have always liked Myspace better because People actually talked at one point. There were no invites to join stupid groups, add dumb applications, and the most ridiculous quizzes. Reality check people: Twilight sucks, I do not need to know what character I am more like because I am me. Until they make a movie about me, I will always be LIKE ME!!! (NO by the way i haven't seen Twilight and no i do not EVER wish to waist my time on dumb crap like that)

Facebook needs to stop fiddling with their privacy controls because you aren't the government, If I really want the whole world to know that I like dancing in pink frilly underwear I will make a Youtube video about it. And if you do work for the government then please let us know which party you represent so we don't vote for you next election.

You guys are like the annoying parent who takes out the FAMILY ALBUM around strangers and gives out way too much info about us. Like really I only mentioned Photobucket to a friend just casually. When did I agree for you to post my Photobucket link on to my page?

This is STRIKE 2 for you, I am not looking forward to STRIKE 3. And if your wondering what STRIKE 1 was. well remember when my group went missing because YOU deleted it on me. That was uncalled for and I do apreciate that you apologized for it and brought it back but when you didn't ask for my permission on allowing another website access my facebook page, that i feel was a breach in our contract.

So please in the future when trying to come up with new ideas to make your site more user friendly think of all those people who are in Witness Protection Agencies, you wouldn't want all your info accessible to murders, rapists and the government would you?

Thanks for your time

Facebook Addict

Willow Skylor

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